Hello and thanks!

Thanks to everyone in P6 for making a fantastic Parents’ Evening last week…hope you’re looking forward to the holidays…I AM!!

Everyone !

Jade said- I liked the hama bead castles they were fun 😀

William  R- I really enjoyed the castle models 😛

Keir- i enojed the the spell making it was gross but fun 🙂

Melissa-i really liked the coats of arms they were great fun 😉

 Kriss-I had great fun with the tapestry 😀

Charley- I enjoyed the coats of arms they were great 😛

Lynda- My favourite has to be the broomsticks with Emma-Lynne 🙂

Anthony-The oil paintings were the best 😉

Amiee-Spell making was great 😀

Taylor- i enjoyed the knight 😛

Aiden- i enjoyed the spell making 🙂

Maisie-I enjoyed the castle maps 😉

Breige- i enjoyed the coats of arms mines is great 😀

Emma-Lynne- I enjoyed the spell making with maisie because i pulled a big chunk of my hair out 😛


Breige and Mhairi and Maisie


We have just sent out our invites ! We cant wait for all the replys to come ! The eveing is going to be so good :D! We are all so excited ;)! Ours is going to be the best magic castle ever :P! We are all enjoying what we have done so far 🙂 but the best things we have done is our coats of arms,invites and the magic spells 😀 Emma-Lynne even took out a big bit of her hair to put in Maisie’s and Emma’s spell !!! 😀 Breige and Mhairi did so good that they got awards for thier invites and coats of arms !!! 😉

Breige & Mhairi & Maisie says


Today we are making clay models. We are VERY EXCITED ! 😀

Are we excited yet?

Mrs Mair would like to know your thoughts/feelings as the Parents Evening approaches…  Have we worked hard enough??

Mhairi’s view

I have really enjoyed making the oil paintings.  Mine was a picture of a knight and I am really pleased with it.

Mhairi McKechnie

Lickprivick castle is coming along fine!

Primary 6 are doing really well.  They have made the walls, the fireplace, the wizard’s clock, the magic box,oil paintings,maps and are just about to start coats of arms…phew!  Everything is going well!

Mrs Mair

kyle n josh n stu

Me and josh taught the class about decimal’s and i think some people in the class will find it easier to do decimals we did not get to do it with stuart for he was off ill…

But we managed with out him surprisingly… we played games to make the learning fun.(The game’s we played were bingo and hayley won a galaxy caramel “Yum”.And also played a team game. called Decimal Triumph.

we did worksheets but they were astonishingly easy.

People said they liked the lesson and that it would be easier for them to do decimals from now on and we also gave them a trick take the decimal point (Here is an example)

Take the decimal out and put it back in then right for answer for instence 1.1 + 2.2 =3.3

                                                                                                                     11 + 22 = 33

We will update the blog as soon as possible as other people comment. till next time goodbye


By Josh Kyle And stuart.

Our Lesson

In our class we have been teaching the class lessons Lindsey Lauren and Anna taught the class about fractions, percentages and angles. We did this on the 16th of may. This was very fun to prepare and we had a laugh trying to teach it. We played games on the internet with the class and showing them how to use things and Lindsey kept on getting tongue twisted. It was a really great experiance to know what the teacher has to go through every day and how hard it is to talk over everyone.

This week we will be going to bible world at 10:45 A.M and will return at 12:30 P.M. The Rectangles group in maths have been really busy this week because our teacher Mrs Gibson wants them to teach the rest of the class something they have learned .The Triangles have been realy busy as well to pass level D in maths.The Circles this week have been revision money and are doing very well. One of the girls in our class called Robyn represented our school in a race and won first place!!!!!Our class along with P.6 have started our cycling prophihancy  test and have now only done it for two weeks.

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